Art Director: George Widodo

George Widodo is an award-winning art director who has worked at David & Goliath, Mullen Lowe, Mother NY and now a creative at The Martin Agency NY. We uncovered a little bit on George’s past work on White Pike Whiskey during his time at Mother New York and also his written statement below about his thoughts as a creative.

– – –

Curious. Counterculture. Contraption.

Beauty is knowing that some things are ugly. I’m a visual propaganda – full of curiosity and driven by superficial conversations that annoy me most. Yet the deeper it goes, the more powerful it becomes. Thus, I respect advertising and believe in it for its capacity to influence change and create waves of revolution towards the greater good of humanity.

Connecting the dots of my visual diary, I found out that what the eyes see and what the mind apprehends is always different than what my heart perceives. Like a contraption of curiosity, I observe people not to be a part of its culture, but to create a counterculture. Normality bores me, as is 99% of uniformed advertising. Therefore, I keep myself to think in surreal ways and design controversies to strike a difference and spark tension within the society to transform the old and design anew.

I am George Widodo, a creative entrepreneur and I don’t sell things – I buy ideas and perception.


This is more like a mixtape of visual slurs for Mother’s own whiskey brand. They wanted to take this moonshine outdoors. So George and James got paid to drink and make art in daytime, it was lovely.


Produced by James Feess. Featuring appearances of Lexy Copithorne‘s hands and Michael Ghossainy‘s shadows.



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