Photography: Solitary

“My work explores around the grey area of human ethics and disconnection.”


Below is an exclusive interview with filmmaker and Curator of the Lab, Calvin K. on his view towards solitude and solitary.

Trying to transform and explore the disconnection of the human psyche, one can view it as a total detachment from one’s own needs by disrupting the natural flow of order, creating a sense of isolation. What are your thoughts and how do you approach that in relation to your work?

In the case of perceiving everyday events, I think it’s important to both follow and break routines.
We all have our ways of ‘disconnecting’ – certain situations can make ones vulnerable, and other times creating patterns of transformation to completely ‘disconnect’ ourselves. What are yours and what do you do to be inspired?

I enjoy solitude, I’m sure everyone enjoys it too on a certain level. Spending time alone is a luxury I took in a Bioethics class long time ago, which changed my perception on human behavior.

What kind of delusional disturbances or dangers that appeals to you most and why?

Anything that distorts vision and memory. Isn’t it scary and fascinating that your brain betrays your perception of reality?

Most children in the United States are raised to be independent, teaching them to be strong and to be ready without the existence of another human connection, to appreciate the idea of ‘separation’. What are your thoughts on that and how is that different to your culture or how you were raised?

I believe children of all countries are taught to survive. Family bubble is different from person to person, so I don’t think countries separates the basic Darwin ideology of survival. Separation is inevitable whether one appreciates it or not. When I was a kid, I moved to different schools almost once every 2 years while my 3 siblings studied abroad. In a way, I’m used to be separated.

Traveling outside your spectrum, what is one other medium that inspired you most and why?

Sound design. It has the ability to dramatize and distort reality at the same time.