The Colony

Chester Rooney
[Curator of the Lab Colony]

Andreas Rothbart
[Creative Director]

Tim Go



(Listed alphabetically, personal sites linked)

Adam Cottingham
[Environmental and Furniture Designer]
Bruce Claypool
[Painter and Art Director]
Calvin Khurniawan
[Film Director and Cinematographer]
Clement Durand
[Fine Artist and Transportation Designer]
Eric Chang
[Fashion/Feature Film Director and Producer]
Eric David Wallace
[Motion Graphics and Art Director]
Gabriella Rothbart
George Widodo
[Art Director]
Grace Joetama
[Fine Artist]
Jeffrey Oftedahl
[Documentary and Street Photographer]
Minh Nguyen
[Founder and Creative Director of POPKORNS]
Nancy Kyes
[Fine Artist]
Nathania Alvita
[Theatre Producer and Stage Manager]
Peggy Hartanto
[Fashion Designer]
Timmy Go
[Photographer and Filmmaker]
Velwyn Yossy
[Illustrator for Fashion and Designer]